You have a story –

You want to have your story told?
With everything and everybody involved?
Nice little details and a big bang?
Or instead, you wish to tell somebody else’s story?
You carry a story and you want it to be there forever?

I would love to write that story of yours. For it is the reason why I am here, so I humbly believe. I wish for nothing less than to write the story of people. About people. For people.

You may call me a ghost writer. Somebody who takes a peek inside your head. Someone who writes down memories, pictures, moments in a unique manner. And I love to put our heads together to come up with a tailor-made story, not only in terms of content, but equally so in terms of size and format.

For you may be looking for a text that you can offer as a gift? A text as an exclusive souvenir of one big moment, or rather a story that tells you the sum of many life events. Written to celebrate new life or instead to celebrate the end of life.

For yes indeed, I not only write stories filled with outbursts of laughter and joy. I do also invest my pen in writing stories of sad times. Because saying good-bye to someone you love or saying goodbye to life, is a milestone as well. And also that milestone, I wish to fill with words of happiness and fulfilment. Stories that stand the test of time.

Stories by Mabel:

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