Ceremonial Speaker | Marriage Celebrant – Your.Ceremony.&.Your.Story

You want your wedding to be beyond marvelous?
You wish your vows to be un.for.get.ta.ble…
Not a formal occasion, not a quick and short ceremony … but an exciting, meaningful and original celebration?
With guests laughing out loud or grabbing the Kleenex?
Where, when and how you want it?
You wish to see and hear your story?
And say yes to it?
That is the story I would really like to write.

Not that I intend to deliver a sermon, but it must be said that all these stories full of love and adventure, seldom find someone to write them down. Indeed, we have our clothes, our kitchens and our cupboards custom-made … but when it comes to the big moments in life we so often miss the mark altogether. I firmly believe that vows between two people ask for a ceremony that is as exceptional as the sum of both of them (and now I rest my case ;-).

So... for people who want to get married in a unique manner, I create a personal wedding ceremony. I construct your story, with the same kind of precision as an architect designing a house. As a writer and speaker I present a tailor-made story, uniquely written for you. Your words as its bricks and mortar, your friends and relatives as the precious building materials. Your ‘yes, we do’ as the highlight of your wedding day.

(!) Important: Having worked in an international and Anglo-Saxon environment, I tell your story for 100% in English and/or I would mix it up with my mother tongue- (Dutch) upon demand.

(!!) Of major importance: I am a cosmopolitan. I love to travel and it my wish and my firm ambition to carry and tell stories around the world.

De schrijver van jullie verhaal – Your.Story.in.words

You want to live your love story?
Not just in pictures?
Not only in moving images?
But have your story written down?
Forever to be read?
That is the story I would love to write.

Call me a ghost writer. Call me someone who takes a peek inside your heads and your hearts. As a writer I weave your dearest memories, unforgettable pictures and memorable places into a unique story, written down with the utmost care and cast into the perfect shape.

Together, we decide on the format. As the format depends on the story to be told.

The story of the two of you, read by your witnesses?
A text that also serves as the invitation for your wedding party?
Or your story as part of your ceremony booklet?

Or do you prefer a true newspaper with news –big and small- about the bride, the bridesmaids or the groom?
An exclusive souvenir for small and big memories later on?

Everything is possible.
What is for sure is that your story will live on forever.

Master Of Ceremony – Your.Perfect.Day.from.A.to.Z.

You do wish to have a firm hand in planning your wedding?
But you do want to exchange vows without having to worry about bits and bobs?
You do not want your wedding day to be a continuous hassle for family and friends?
On your big day you want to enjoy it to the fullest.

We agree wholeheartedly and in this respect we love to lend you our ears, eyes, heart and mind. One great package deal.

We are not a fully-fledged wedding planner, taking care of all aspects of your wedding during the months leading up to your wedding. We serve as your counterpart, your fresh pair of eyes at all times and as a master of ceremony, making sure your day runs smoothly.

Some weeks before your big day, we get down to work. We dot the i’s and cross the t’s in your wedding scenario and get in touch with all the suppliers so that everyone knows about the ‘how, what, where and who’. We prepare a super-duper nice overview of the day for your family and friends. Not one that reads like a 19-volume encyclopedia, but as the story of your big day.

We will be present from morning till dawn to take care of your big day. You can ask us anything, except for having the time of your life. As that is your prerogative.

Stylist | Stylish SToryteller – Your.Story.in.Style

Does your wardrobe reveal who you are?
Does your house represent what you love?
Does Pinterest give you too many fairytale ideas?
Does your life event have to represent who you are?
100% of just you? 100% your lovely mood?

Boy do we agree with that! And boy do we love styling precious moments.

On the basis of your style, your ideas (chaotic or not, we don’t mind), your wishes, your do’s and don’t’s … we put together a mood board.

Not the mere sum of pretty Pinterest pictures only, but a well-founded story in style. Authentic. And we implement your colours, your materials, your style, your theme, on your big day. Your mood. For real.

Blessed with some fine pair of hands, a nose for all that is nice in life, a black book filled with good vendors, and a lot of authentic objects for rent (read: all objects with a story) … we style your story.


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