A Story by Steven & Nele

What they wrote to me

Dear Lieke,
First and foremost we want to thank you for EVERYTHING you accomplished, for an unforgettable day. It was obvious from the start, when we met a few months before the wedding, that this ‘lady’ would create our wedding day! A meeting of the minds and hearts. Oh how we enjoyed the ride to out big day!

You created our wedding ceremony using original ideas and mixing them with our not so very precise wishes, far from an easy task. But boy, did it become the beautiful story of our journey. Your words were perfect, with a slice of humor and a “Happy” ending. You sensed how we wanted to style our event and it was executed with great care, not one missing detail: from keeping our shoes clean to providing umbrellas in the event it should rain (luckily it didn’t).

We’ll remember you always, as “our” passionate and organized woman!
Steef & Neel


What I can tell you about them

Dear all,
Steven and Nele. Sitting under a big old tree, on a beautiful couple of chairs. Feet resting on old carpets, surrounded by friends and family, with lots of little ones. Believe it or not, these children were quiet as mice. Whether this was due to the candy they got at the beginning of the ceremony or whether they actually didn’t want to miss a single word... I personally remember them staring at me with open mouths (or candy-chewing mouths).

I also remember swallowing a couple of times at the beginning of this beautiful wedding ceremony. I might even say my hands trembled slightly. I saw sisters and parents, a brother and witnesses, and everybody else sitting on the edge of their seat in full anticipation of Nele’s arrival. And Steven, Steven could barely refrain from pacing up and down.

How I loved writing and telling the story of these two great people... As their ceremonial speaker, I took them on a journey. And while travelling from one place to the other, we filled vintage suitcases with stories, drawings and vows. Laugh out loud-stories, dry your eyes-stories, swallow hard-stories. Big story lines and small sidetracks, with a live soundtrack that turned us all upside-down. Their families and friends witnessed a very personal and a very unique “I do”. With a letter from one to the other and vice versa. Because that’s what is all about, no? Not only was I allowed to tell their story, but as a bonus I was asked to organize and style their day. Creating an atmosphere and defining the style for this particular story brought me pastels bathing in sunshine with a vintage touch and lots of really pretty things.

Love on top.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at the blog of photographer Wesley Nulens. He tells the story of that beautiful day in the most perfect images!


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