A Story by Pieter & Sofie


What they wrote to me

Dear Lieke,
In March 2014, our caterer told us “that he knew someone who could help us with the organization of our wedding”. At that time, we never even thought about letting someone help us with the organization during our big day, let alone in the months leading up to it. “You’ll love her”, they said, “she suits you!”. And thus we received her email at the beginning of March. Lieke. Cra-zy-en-thu-siastic, there’s no other word to describe it. One minute later we were talking to her on the phone, because “a voice is worth a thousand words”. And then we met. And we were smitten from the start. This would be a cooperation to die for, that much was clear.

Dear Lieke, a giant thank you for the past couple of months. For the time leading up to my exam, the time after my exam, the final weeks/days/hours before our big day, but definitely also after. Delightfully musing about how we, S/P met, sharing al our adventures and stories and fantasizing about that one, deliciously perfect day. Dreamers, that’s what we were. Perfectionist dreamers, that too.…

Many times you must’ve thought “no way, this is not something they’ll get done”. But you never showed it and you were always there to help find the possibilities: THE perfect place for the ceremony, THE perfect spot for the reception (yay, outside!), THE ideal solution for the string light (yup, we did it!). You must’ve rolled your eyes internally so many times when Pieter came up with yet another idea, but even then your eyes revealed no such thing. Thank you to keep inspiring us, encouraging us and believing in us.

Without you we never would’ve gotten married on the beautiful Abeek river banks. Not only because we had the idea that the “getting married outside” was impossible, but also because we were convinced of the fact that too little time remained to get it done.

The closer we got to August 9, the more often you called/mailed/texted/”Pinned”/dropped by. Addicted to Pinterest, tea, coffee, cookies, chocolate and neon colors. The perfect description of these prep days in Leuven.

The big day was shaping up nicely and the script you wrote became a leitmotiv throughout the preparations. A clear structure, in writing, with a touch of humor, that’s what we needed! Not just us by the way, but all our family and friends, the caterer, the photographer, were all amazed by the transparency and clearness that was presented.

Whenever something threatened to go awry with the suppliers, you fixed it. When we received bad news a couple of days away, you stepped in and made sure we had the time and space we needed in that moment (a thousand thank you’s).

Dear Lieke, you turned our ceremony in to the MOST BEAUTIFUL part of our day! You understood perfectly how we envisioned ‘the perfect day’ and we can state with the utmost certainty that you have done EVERYTHING to make it exactly that. Thank you for the ‘dress rehearsals’ with regard to the styling plan, for the plan B we insisted on.

Thank you to show everyone the way, to announce in a gentle albeit firm way that is was time to move, to call us and tell us we needed to drive around a little more because not everyone had been seated, to find a printer at the very last minute for those who forgot their lines. You were so much more than our “Master of Ceremony”.

Thank you for the magnificent, personal words during the ceremony. (BTW, great idea to serve the guests only a little teaser in the ceremony booklet). And how happy were we that you stayed with us throughout the rest of the day. To us you are not just a “master of ceremony” or a “lady of ceremony”. Long before August 9th you touched our hearts and there our friendships stays ever since.

Dear Lieke, keep your great enthusiasm and your passion and keep conquering harts with your pen!


Big kisses and lots of love,
Pieter & Sofie


What I can tell you about them

Dear all,
It has been said, and rightfully so, that we are not made up of moments but that we are made of stories. The story of Sofie and Pieter has influenced me in many ways – and shaped me, in a most positive way. I remember how I sat opposite them the first time we met and how instantly obsessed I was with their drive. No time to make acquaintance. Just dive in, head first – without knowing when I’d resurface. Their sense of style left me breathless, their sense of precision made my eyes blink. Ever since, my sight is sharper, more defined. Not because Sofie graduated as an ophthalmologist during the W-Day preparation, nor because as a designer, Pieter has eyes like a hawk. But they did initiate me in a world of pure design and beauty through simplicity. And for that, I am grateful to them. I thought it impossible but their minimalistic wedding invite design amplified my already great love for paper. It’s really no wonder that their wedding ceremony took place in the most perfect meadow, with a mill providing just enough shade. Their feast at C-Mine Genk was history book material. And not just because Peppe&Amici unleashed their superb Italian cuisine! It was an honor to put their wedding ceremony together in a highly personal manner. Walking along with S/P as their master of ceremony on their wedding day was a great pleasure. Making sure their day ran perfectly, was brilliant. Their eye(s) for detail, their great love and their abundance of style, served as an inspiration. That we still see each other now and again is a sign. Or how beautiful people and beautiful stories always (and I mean always) get under my skin.

PS the fantastic images are by the ever fantastic Melissa Milis, another inspiration of mine

PS II Did I tell you how awesome it was that S/P asked me to shape their story in the form of a newspaper? “La Petite Histoire” was born. Their story forever!


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