A Story by Philip & Lies


What they wrote to me

Dear Lieke,
First of all: you’re amazing! You are so very talented in what you do and you’re a beautiful person both personally and professionally. We never even thought about asking a professional to ‘manage and steer’ our wedding day. I was sure I could take care of it by myself, being the little control freak that I am. As our wedding date approached, a lot of questions however remained unanswered. Question number one being: how are we going to pull this off? After our first meeting it became clear that we hardly thought things through and that your arrival was perfect timing.

In retrospect, we missed out on so many things that would’ve potentially ruined our day. Having you as our master of ceremony was a blessing! Everything went smoothly, everyone knew what was expected. We never could’ve done that, because we wouldn’t have had the time for it.

In the last couple of weeks leading up to the wedding day, you were my life support. Even though I wanted to do it all by myself, it just wasn’t possible and you were such a great help. You gave us so much of your time: the flowers, the location, the decorations and styling. You name it, you did it. You gave it your all for people you hardly know. You created a very relaxed and easy atmosphere for everyone involved. Needless to say they all loved you. Having you to deal with the different deliveries and vendors (instead of I) as well as the fact that we jointly decorated the location was very important and special to me.

And how useful was your organizing script for the day?! Lots of people thought it enlightening. Lieke, you are creative, driven, honest, sweet, professional and just a very social person. But what’s really striking are: your beauty, inside and out! Your intelligence, I don’t know anyone who can write as beautifully as you. A real right-hand! You’re the whole package: planning, styling, life support, words. And you do it like it’s all you’ve ever done!

You were the greatest wedding gift we could ever dream! You came into our lives just like that but we won’t let you leave the same way!

All the best,
Philip and Lies

P.S. the wish lock will definitely find it’s place soon but we haven’t encountered it just yet!


What I can tell you about them

Dear all,
Once upon a time a boy fell in love with a girl. And then they decided to get married. Sitting at a table with Lies and Philip was so much more than an honor and a pleasure. High school-sweethearts, an ironclad team for their business, parents to an adorable boy. Nothing average, but special from top to bottom. As was their wedding day. They let me guide their day as their master of ceremony (or better, lady of ceremony). From the early-morning breakfast in the garden over an ‘I do’ at city hall, a lunch between family and close friends, a ceremony in a little church by the water, a reception with bubbles and freshly squeezed OJ (highly recommendable if you ask me) to an evening celebration with dance-floor-fireworks. An entire day covered in style. ‘Bohemian Chic’ to be exact. With a dress to die for (Rime Arodaky from a little Brussels’ shop called “Love, Sweet, Etc…”) – and yes, also the groom proved to be fashion magazine-worthy. The same can be said of the styling: with homemade jam (spread the love) and little bottles of Gin as presents for the guests, with an entire range of flowers set in little vases on the tables. Menu’s carved in beech wood tree stumps, tailor-made by the father of the bride.

But what will stay with me the longest is the hearty and warm welcome at their house. It caused an exceptional lightness of heart on my drive home after our first meeting. Guiding them, their families and their friends through the big day was once again an honor, a pleasure and much more. A story, which my feet will remember for years to come (what a party!) and my heart will cherish forever.


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