A Story by Philip & Lies


What they wrote to me:

16.08.’14 We got married underneath ‘our’ tree in Geetbets surrounded by all those we love. At the end of the ceremony you, Lieke, give us a wish lock. And you gave us the assignment to search for the perfect place to hang the lock. You told us to ‘lock’ our story with it.

11.10.’14 Our wish lock has found its place. Underneath ‘our’ tree in Westerlo. All those who visit us at home can see it. We hung the souvenir of that marvelous day in the tree under which we gather tasty nuts in the fall. The tree under which we dance bare-footed in the summer. Under which we look for a cool spot on a scalding hot day. From which birds sing to us on a spring morning (and we sometimes whistle back). The tree we look upon whilst sipping our early morning coffee. As of today this tree is also the tree that protects our wish lock, so we can kiss it every once in a while. The tree who stands with us always and forever and reminds us of that magic wedding ceremony in Geetbets on August 16th, 2014. xx 

Jan & Pien
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What I can tell you about them

Dear all,
The story of Katrien and the amazing Jan. Just writing down the first line makes me have to blink a few times, already. Jan and Katrien designed their own Festival of Love. A three-day feast at a location named ‘The Delightfulness of Elsmeren’ (free translation of ‘De Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren’). Green, white, wood and gold dominated the landscape. Guests were guided along their way by rustic road signs and wondrous chalkboards with ditto messages. Streamers and pennants, wooden platters, bottles tied up with rope, rounds of trees big and small, and homegrown dried lavender. DIY all around – by friends and family, loaded with meaning and love. Thinking about the pallet, the details, the story ruled even my dreams. All of them. All the time.

But on August 16th, I awoke – after a dynamite reception the day before. I helped my sister put on her dress. I fasted het shoes. Watched her stride down the stairs. Deeply touched she softly tapped her (very handsome) soon-to-be husband on the shoulder. Looking at Jan & Katrien filled the room with a savoring silence, both families enjoying the special moment. Even today it is hard to find the right words to describe it.

On August 16th, Jan & Katrien sat under a tree. During their Ceremony of Love they heard and they witnessed their story. With a unique ‘I do’, with an enormous pile of wishes from friends, with brothers and sisters who buried them in all that love can possibly contain, with parents and grandparents who kept their handkerchiefs close. Even today it is hard to find the right words to describe it.

Except for this: walking along the sidelines, cheering, throwing around ideas and inspiration, kick-starting a wind-mill full of preparations and being able to translate and tell a story filled with love, was my calling. And it is only they who love you infinitely, who can show you this. They help you jump. Their eyes confirm what you feel in your bones. And for that, I am grateful. That is Love also.


Photo's: Melissa Milis. A Visual Storyteller who makes magic happen. Trust me.

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