A Story by Glenn & Inneke

What they write about me

We met Lieke at a desperate moment. A slight panic had been lingering all week. The church couldn’t accommodate us, we had seen ‘private masters of ceremonies’ and definitely didn’t want that. We had no clue what to do next. All we wanted was an intimate ceremony, 50 people, our closest friends and family, and for our story to be told. No religious talk, no cheesy embarrassments, just the right people saying a few words and for us to express our love.

Lieke explained where she came from, what drives her and how she works. We instantly fell in love with her and the formula she proposed. We started looking forward to our moment again, confident that she would manage the people and the event.

We have a somewhat complex family-structure and Lieke knew exactly how to approach each member respectfully, setting boundaries while still giving creative breathing-space. Days before the wedding everyone wanted to meet Lieke, curious to see who had been helping them tell their own story.

But more than a master of ceremony or a marriage celebrant, Lieke was there for us. Even in my moment of panic when I couldn’t write down the right words for my vows, she was there late at night on the phone with me. When we forgot a little table for the event, she magically brought one over

She switches from a light Kempisch-accent into a fluent almost native English tongue as if it was nothing. When speaking she takes the stage confidently, but glides away when other people are in the spotlights. Making it about us, not her.

In the end, there were just tears of joy. We felt as if we had been in a movie, our story, our stories. It all came together. We got what we wanted, and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat with her.

Gracious is the word that comes to mind about how I feel Lieke managed us and our story. And we are forever grateful.

Thank you,
Glenn & Ineke


What I can write about them

Dear all,
With some people, one would dance on the table on the same night you meet one another. With some people you know it is about that one night… dance. One night full of fun and a big fat smile at the end. My connection with Glenn & Ineke was not like that. When the three of us sat around a table, it was about building trust. Chapters of a book were opened up and closed - with the mere blink of an eye. Instagram posts served as a sort of mating dance among friends to be. Their hashtag as the ultimate teaser for the day to come. They allowed me to be one of them and that is no small thing to do.

They told me time and again that they are “simple folk”, wishing for a simple life, filled with good lovin’. Admittedly, they are highschool sweetheart’s first living together and thereafter getting married. However, observing them live their life and love each other, I learned that these two are no simple folk. These two are unique folk. And having talked to their family and friends at length, while writing and preparing, I can say … so are their loved ones.

And so writing their story was no ordinary activity. I cherish their honesty. Their gravity, despite being young of age. The way they filled in their questionnaires with care, page after page. The exact same care they applied to the set–up of their big day. A ceremony venue with no greenery involved. Concrete walls with Christmas lights instead of trees and ribbons. Only winter weddings have this specific “glow” – and I am a fan forever. For me it was a first time. The first time, I conducted a ceremony both in English as well as in Dutch. And I loved it. As there were so many different stories to tell, I was at times relieved that I had the opportunity to switch. And see faces lit up, story after story.

If ever I were to get married (and yes I will), I would do what they did. Bring together all whom you love, fly them in if need be and say yes to one another against the background of a gazillion little lights, being softly seated, in order to be swept away by love. A story never to be forgotten.



Facts & Figures

Photography: Melissa Milis
Venue: Magazijn Sanba, Antwerpen
DJ: Martin & Cortez

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