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We are all made of Stories. Let’s lock your story...

You two have a story together. A story chock-full of love & you want to celebrate just that. You want to marry and have a unique wedding ceremony? You want a celebrant who can bring you a wedding ceremony that fits you like a glove? You wish for a big party, a small reception, or rather a relaxed pick-nick in the woods? With an inviting table? With all your beloved ones? With children playing a key role? You want to see your love story told, and have it heard … Wonder how I could help you to write your story? Read more

You have a story. A personal story or a story you want to have written down for someone else. With tears of laughter or filled with sorrow? A story to exist for the birthday of your awesome grandma? For the birth of a little miss or mister? A story for the wedding of your soulmate or the bachelor party of your bosom friend? A letter of farewell, filled with sweet memories? You want to see a story told and have it heard … Wonder how I could help you to write it? Read more

We all have a story. And each story is unique. So surprise me. Put forward your question? My dear pen and I are dying to write it and make it heard!



Lieke is my name. Some call me Rosalie or Lie. Born in the winter of 1980, I am now a mum of two sweetie pies. Together with lady Rosine, mister Phil and Steven, their incredible father – I live near Brussels (Belgium). I am what some would call a “cameleon”; just like this remarkable animal I have the ability to change colors in order to communicate in a spot on manner. Beginning of 2014, I told the world of international politics and diplomacy goodbye. Having fought as a human rights expert for over a decade, I decided to do what I like most: bringing stories to people, building unique wedding ceremonies for lovely couples and write those stories that link up passionate entrepreneurs with their audience.
My sister Katrien is my right-hand woman. When you spot the both of us, a party is assured. Together, we bring out all that is creative about life. We work hard, always. Together, we invest in stylish stories. Parties with a flavor.
As Stories by Mabel, we go for stories and moments that leave a mark on one’s soul.
And with that, we leave a little sparkle wherever we go…

The American Ms. Mabel Powers (1872-1966) was adopted by the Iroquois tribe at the beginning of the 20th century. She made sure that the age-old tales handed over from generation to generation were written down for the first time. She was renowned for her lively storytelling and possessed the gift to captivate the heart of her audience. Mabel received a special Indian name: “Yeh Sen Now Wehs”. Roughly translated: “She who carries and tells the stories. Her lifelong struggle for democracy, peace and women’s rights throughout her life was a passionate one. Her writings have undoubtedly stood the test of time – and with that the story of a people does too. (source)


Some of the stories


We are all made of stories. And boy am I eager to hear all about your story.
Looking for a pen? Someone with a heart and eye for small and big moments alike?

Get in touch. Don't mind the comma's, just throw it all out.
Me love that!

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